Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Sunday, 20 May 2007

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Mapping a city within your memory based only on visual observations

Hidden Urban Communication

Images created from: Boston MA, Rotterdam The Netherlands, Seville Spain, London UK

Without even realizing it, people use visual pieces of their environment for
navigating around the city. After a certain point, people stop using maps and asking people for directions. Because when moving around a city you move base on what you see. You set certain expectations of an area base on how it
communicates to you with how the people and buildings look. What kind of buisness are around. How much space and nature there is, and just about anything else to build assumptions about that place.

When coming to Rotterdam I didn’t use tourist maps because I was planning on being here longer. I didn’t know the language, and I had no guide. So in order to understand my new environment I walked and observed the city as much as possible so I could build in a way a map of Rotterdam in my head.

This project isn’t focusing on one city, but what makes city and how completly different neighborhoods and areas create one place and their connections and flow from one to the other.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Communcation Triangle

Hi there earthlings!

Can everyone use the communication triangle on every work they've send me?
I need the stuff tomorrow morning (sun 20 may) before 12.00 in the morning so please return it a.s.a.p. (I will email the .pdf to all of you)

Use of the communication triangle
Just take a look at your work and see if any of the words on the triangle match with the way of communication you've visualized. Then mark the word(s) that match by underlining them.

Print your own booklet
I'll make the two books for Roger & and put them in Roger his mailbox mondaymorning. If you want a copy of the book you've got to print it yourself as I cannot make it for everyone. I can supply a .pdf of the booklet when it's finished.

- Jonathan

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Human Communication


Previous week I made like 15 concepts to create this new visual language, to communicate with our small green crawling friends.

Conclusion : I doesn't matter how you communicate, important are the rules we make to what we communicate.

So from my previous concepts I choosed the Stellar as a grid to communicate. Then I decided to create a map of newsblogs(rss feeds) all over the world. The daily news as a mirror for human society.

The different colors are based on the newsfeeds.

My visual experiments:


Blaak 10

The future isn't hidden!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sneak preview !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

book layout...

can someone please send me that information asap? if i don't get it i can't do it
thank you

Felice Varini

book layout detail

can someone please email me the style stuff and overall guidelines for the book layout stuff:

Also my internet is being very weird so if someone could send me their phone number or text my number for backup purposes in case i can't acess the blog i can call you and ask you the details then. the phone thing is very important, because if my internet crashes again, i have no way of finishing my project and giving it to you by sunday night.

my phone is: 0650988064

thank you guys!
-jen :)

It has to be filmed

Experiment perspective 'Shell' logo after presentation

Uss Beaver